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Enjoy a luxury soaking experience with our amazing Soak Sacks -- they can be put into a regular bath or a foot soak.  Each satchet is 3oz and is enough for 1-3 soaks depending on how you like it!  Includes two reusable muslin satchets to put the contents in.


All Soak Sacks come with a base of epsom salt, oatmeal, lavender and calendula petals.  


Original - additional notes of orange peel and patchouli essential oil.


Purple Clay - stimulates circulation, evening out out skin tone and reducing appearance of lines and wrinkles with added clove and balsam essential oils.


Kaolin Clay - a natural detoxifier that can absorb impurities making it ideal for people with dry or sensitive skin with the addition of orange peel.  No added oils.  


Lamb's Quarters - assists with skin irritations, toning, and tightening with added tea tree and lemongrass essential oils.

Soaking Sacks


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